ICU Ambulance Service

24/7 Ambulance Service

We Provide emrgency ambulance service in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 24 Hours Ambulance service is available. The Best Quality Ambulance with Expert driver is available.

ICU Ambulance Service

We Provide differnt types of Basic Life Support Ambulance service with Doctors or Brothers. If you need emrgency ambulance then contact us.

Ventilators Ambulance Service

We Provide Ventilator Mashine with Ambulance service. ICU Ventilitor Ambulance with Doctors is available. Quality ambulance service is available at the cheap Price.

ICU Ambulance Service

ICU ambulance is an emergency service that carries seriously injured patients to the hospital. We can see an ambulance in the street with an emergency warning light and siren (L&S). they are always ready to observe their duty to take care of a serious patient and to take him/her to any nearby hospital.

You can find ICU ambulance service anywhere in the country you are living in but specifically, in Bangladesh, you have to find a good ICU ambulance that can keep its job perfectly. This is why we are here; we have gathered a bunch of information that includes the availability of different ICU ambulance services in the different locality in our country.

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24 Hours Ambulance Service

24 Hours Ambulance service is available in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We Provide different types of ambulance service like: Ac ambulance service, Non-Ac ambulance service, Freezing ambulance service & Basic life support ambulance service. If you need Basic Life Support ICU, CCU, NICU, PICU Ambulance Support with Doctors, Brothers than will be support from Dhaka. The latest model ambulance service available.

Life Support ICU Ambulance

A life support ambulance is a necessary option that needs to keep in touch. Because no one can say when they would have to feel the necessity of an ambulance. If there is any person in your family who has chances to fall in, a serious cardiac patient, newborn baby, neurological patient, then you should have a nearby ambulance contact number in your phonebook or mobile.

All of these are available service in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Wherever you are in the city, they are ready to respond as their duty. You can call any of them when you have some urgency.