24 Hours Ambulance Service & Rent A Car Service in Dhaka, Bangladesh

24 Hours Ambulance Service & Car Rental Service is available in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We Provide  Emergency Ambulance service, Rent-a-Car Service, Micro-bus, Hi-Ace car, Truck, Pickup & Cover van Service. Rentsheba is the largest and trusted Online Transport Service Provider Company. 

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24 Hours Ambulance Service
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Ac ambulance Service

Ac ambulance service is best to carry and move for the patient or dead body. Hiace dowel Ac ambulance service available. 


ICU Ambulance Service

Basic Life support ICU Ambulance service is available with Doctors or Brothers. Hi-follow Oxygen supported ICU, CCU, NICU Ambulance service available in Dhaka.


Non-Ac ambulance Service

Non-Ac ambulance service is also best only will be off Ac support. Others facility will be provide like Ac ambulance service.


ICU Ambulance Service Inside

The Basic Life support ICU ambulance includes Ventilator Machin, Oxy Metters, Brother & Doctors for emergency treatment.


Freezing ambulance Service

Freezing Ambulance service is best to carry a dead body a place to another. The latest model Dyna freezer van is available.  


Ventilator Ambulance Service

Ventilator ICU Ambulance service is available in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We provide Hi-Quality ambulance service in Cheap rent.



Hiace Car Service

Hiace Dowel Ac Car Service is available in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We provide Hi-Quality car service in cheap rent.  


Noah/ X-Noah Car Service

Noah & X-Noah Car service is available in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We provide Hi-Quality car service in cheap rent.


Private Car Service

Private Car Service is available only in Dhaka City. Best quality service provider company.   

Emergency Ambulance service

Need Emergency Ambulance service near you? Rentsheba.com provides the best ambulance service to help you out in your hours of need to go anywhere in Bangladesh. An Emergency Ambulance service is available. We provide different types of ambulance services in all districts of Bangladesh. We also provide Ac ambulance service, Non-Ac ambulance service, Freezing Ambulance Service, and Basic Life support ICU, CCU, NICU Ambulance service. Ventilators and Doctors are available with Life support Ambulance Service. 24 Hours Emergency service available. When you need an emergency ambulance then just a call is enough to get an ambulance from anywhere. 


24 Hours Ambulance Service

24 Hours ambulance service is available in Dhaka with all districts of Bangladesh. The all Districts ambulance service is available. We provide different types of ambulance services all over Bangladesh. If you need any type of ambulance from anywhere at any time then contact us, We will more help to Get an emergency ambulance service for cheap rent. If you need any types ambulance service then contact us to Get emergency ambulance service.

Any Service, Any Time in Anywhere

24/7 Hours Customer Support.
We provide different types service in Bangladesh. Emergency service provide in a few Minutes. Rentsheba.com Workers Team always ready to provide service so to Get any service contact us.


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Rent-A-Car Service

Hi-Ace Car service

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Noah Car Service

X-Noah Car Service

Private Car Service

Truck Rental Service

Pickup Rental service

Tack Rental Service

Cover van Rent Service 

Mini Track Rent Service 

 Overview of Ambulance Service

  • Standard Ambulance with Proper equipment
  • Stretchers are available to carry the patient 
  • Service is available to go anywhere in Bangladesh
  • Clean & Hygienic Ambulance
  • Certified & Skilled Drivers
 Preparations Againsest COVID-19

We are well-equipped and well-prepared to protect your health and hygiene while serving you. Our preparations include…

Checked Health condition of service specialist

Ensuring the use of Masks, Hand Sanitizers, Gloves, etc.

Disinfecting equipment before and after the work

Maintaining social distancing 

If you want to more know about the COVID-19, then visit shurokkha.com 


 Terms & Pricing

Payment: After service completion, Respective customers will pay through or Hand cash. Take money received after paying in Office. Otherwise, if you need money received will be said before moving the ambulance from the office.
Pricing may vary depending on the distance of travel
Waiting for charge will be approximately = 600 TK per Hour.

বাংলাদেশের সব চেয়ে বড় অন-লাইনে সেবা প্রদান কারী প্রতিষ্ঠান।

Rentsheba.com, সমগ্র বাংলাদেশ ব্যাপি রোগী ও লাশ পরিবহনে জরুরী এ্যাম্বুলেন্স, ভ্রমন ও যাতায়াতের জন্য বিভিন্ন ধররেন গাড়ি এবং মালা-মাল পরিবহনের জন্য বিভিন্ন প্রকার ট্রাক, পিকাপ ও কভার ভ্যান সার্ভিস দেওয়া হয়। ২৪ ঘন্টা আমাদের সার্ভিস চালু আছে, জরুরী প্রয়োজন ও বিস্তারিত জানার জন্য কল করবেন।

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