24 Hours Ambulance Service in Dhaka  

What is an ambulance? 

24 Hours Ambulance Service is a wheeled vehicle that is specifically designed to transport or injured people to a medical facility. Most ambulances are motorcars, although helicopters, planes, and boats are also used. Inside the ambulance, there is space for one or more patients and several emergency medical personnel. It has a variety of suppliers and equipment that are used to stabilize the patient’s condition along the way. We have done in-depth research and found some truly helpful emergency ambulance services in Dhaka city. Read our article about emergency ambulance service here.

Ambulance service in Dhaka, airport 

The ambulance service is the emergency response branch of the National Health Service (NHS). The ambulance service handles 2 major accident and emergency ambulance service paramedical functions and so does the patient transport service function that transfers temporary patients to and from their hospital appointments.

The history of incompetent ambulances dates back to ancient times, forcibly using vehicles to evacuate disabled patients. Ambulances were originally used by the Spaniards for emergency transport in 1487, and civilian forms were in operation throughout the 1830s. 

24/7 Hours Emergency Service 
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Emergency Ambulance Service available

Emergency public ambulance service or emergency medical service Dhaka, as it is known today, is a complex. sometimes troublesome path. Its beginnings in the capital of our country mainly centered on their evolution in various hospitals and services and care. The civil war probably started as a height of conflict as there are 85 hospitals in Dhaka.

Our Service List 

Emergency Ambulance Service
Ac ambulance Service
Non-Ac ambulance Service
Freezer ambulance Service
ICU Ambulance Service
Air ambulance Service
Helicopter Service
Rent a car service
Microbus Service
Alion car service
x – corolla car service 

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